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Some of Ingrid's Recipes


Black Turtle Bean Soup

Beans are diuretic, but these little black turtle beans are good for stamina. When the kidneys are tired and people are suffering from fatigue as well as fluid retention and/or edema, this soup can be consumed in large quantities on a daily basis for weeks or months.


Often referred to as the poor man's ginseng, codonopsis produces nutritive tubers that lend themselves to culinary imagination. Codonopsis is often added to soup to enhance the health benefits of the soup but it also makes an excellent meat substitute that has exotic appeal.


Kicharee is made of lentils and rice with spices and vegetables to taste. It is often used during convalescence and the recipe can be varied to provide relief from monotony. The spices promote assimilation and peristalsis whereas the main ingredients are gradually pH balancing and restorative.

Wu Zi Wan Jam

Wu Zi Wan is a highly nutritive tonic that can be taken in pill or jam form. It supports the adrenals as well as male fertility. It tastes a little bit like figs and has a definite earthiness that many people appreciate.



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